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king chess pieceYou’ve heard all the success stories from people you know who run their own business; on how they built a web site and suddenly their sales increased X fold. Just so you know, this increase is normally due to an entire change in their marketing strategy. Their new web site being the funnel that all the other pieces point toward.  Now it is your turn, but what content do you put on your web site and what’s the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

You’ve been told you need a Facebook page, ads on Google, don’t forget to tweet, you have to be on the first page of every search engine, and be on mobile phones and, and……. and it all seems a bit much doesn’t it? Because to start all you want to do is sell and promote your products and services, which in the end is the most important. These will create your content and it doesn’t matter what trends happen on the internet, content will always be king!

It’s all about you baby

The thing about content is, if you do it right and make it original, things like Google results and the other search engines fall into place. Why? you ask, well that’s for another time. For now it’s about basic content and most importantly basic content about you. As the most original content you can create is describing you and your business. When it comes to your web site there are basically 4 ways you describe yourself to the world.

  • Your Domain Name
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • About page

 Your Domain Name

One of the pro’s of Australian domain names (I.E. is that no one but you can have apart from you. Ok, well maybe 6 others for the other states and territories, but I do wonder what the chances are, when you use your domain name to describe your business as well. For Example, The thing about having a domain name that both includes your business name and the product or service you offer, is it creates the first introduction and description for both potential customers and the search engines.

So let say Mel runs a hairdressing and beauty business called Mels Hair, she can have the domain name, which is handy for those who already know Mel. But for those who don’t, could be or do anything to do with Mel and hair. To properly describe her business Mel could use the domain name or go even further and use, which now describes exaclty what Mels business offers, and even covers a couple of keywords, which I’ll cover next.

Keywords Create Basic Content

Ok, you’ve heard people talk about these keywords, and I’m mentioning them, what are they, they must be important?

Yes, they are important if used correctly. If you don’t, you might as well not worry about them at all as it will confuse potential customers and search engines will categorise you wrong or even worse will ignore you.

Jail House Keys So what are keywords?

Basically they are a selection of words you use to describe your business through out your web site. If chosen and placed correctly they will help search engines categorise your website. To start off it is probably best to choose up to 10 words you want to use to describe your business. These would be your primary keywords. As you create your content you may come up with secondary and tertiary keywords that are only relevant to certain sections of your business and web site.

To keep your web presence and exposure focused your keywords will normally include your business name,  industry, the main products or services you deliver and location.

Continuing with Mel as our example, her keywords could be;

  • Mel’s Hair
  • Beauty and Hairdressing
  • Mosman, NSW, Australia
  • Hair Straightening and Perms
  • Glamour Makeovers
  • Weddings
  • Haircuts and Styles
  • Wash and Blow Dry

With this group of keywords, Mel can now work on her brief introduction / description which I will talk about next, as well as use them in her online advertising campaign. A selection of these will also be used as page titles and section titles with in her site.

Please note:

This is just a brief overview of what are keywords and how to use them. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a huge industry within the internet and there are companies that focus on the best way to choose and use keywords for your web site. For the purpose of this article I’m trying to keep it simple. If you want somewhere to start, Moz SEO can teach you the basics, Market Samurai is a handy tool to help with keywords and since myself and most of you are (will be) using WordPress, Yoast is also a great knowledge resource with some handy plugins too.

 The Introduction

Hello written in different languages on a blackboardOk, now that you have your domain name and keywords that will tell both customers and search engines who and what you are, it is time to introduce you and your business to the world.

This introduction should be placed on the home page of your web site. Think of it as an elevator speech. It quickly tells newly entering customers how great you are.  Sometimes this can be quite challenging, but using the keywords that you have chosen, it can become a little easier.

Using Mel and her keywords here’s an example of what she could say.

Be it a glamorous makeover for your wedding or quick a trim and blow dry. Based in Mosman, Mel’s Hair has all your beauty and hairdressing requirements covered. So contact Mel for a haircut or style today. Don’t forget this weeks specials for perms and straightens.

The About Page

You’ll see it on pretty much every business web site, the About Us page, AKA, Company Info.  Though obviously used to describe what your company does in detail. If set out properly it is a great way to solidify your primary keywords and even start creating your secondary keyword groups.

With the example below Mel has used her keywords Haircuts and Styles as a sub-heading and then further expanded on it, with the option to start using mini-manicure and head massage as secondary keywords in other areas of her site.

Haircuts and Styles

At Mels Hair you will receive a one on one consultation with an experienced stylist with an all inclusive mini-manicure.  Plus get the chance to relax, sit back and enjoy a stimulating head massage and complimentary treatment before being styled to look fabulous. Let us inspire you and ensure that you get the exact look you want.

 So grab a beer or pour a wine…

.. to ponder about what it is your business sells and how you want to promote it. Start with 10 primary keywords and let it grow from there.  Just think, between your business name, the industry you are in and your location, you’re already halfway there. The next step is to choose and buy your domain name. It doesn’t matter if you already have one, use that too, as you can direct more than one domain to your web site.

Now start playing around with those keywords of yours and put together a catchy introduction. Finally expand those keywords to create the content for your first web page. Use the keywords as the Sub-titles and before you know it you’ll have already created your secondary keywords.

Next time, it’s all about what we deliver and creating content to promote and sell your products and services.

Till next time,