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Dunskii aims to simplify the processes to enable web site owners to integrate with external web services and available API's.


The Man


Andrew Dunne (A.K.A Dunskii), has been working with the web and technology in general since 1998. Having experience with individuals, small business and corporations, to ensure both their I.T. and web needs were covered. He has accumulated a broad set of skills and knowledge which means those who he assists gets a personalised and informed service.


The Mission


Dunskii’s mission is to simplify the processes that enable web site owners to integrate with external web services and available API’s. This will allow them to provide their employees and customers, with a more seamless and cohesive experience when interacting with the companies different web presence locations, enabling them to streamline their online business strategies.


The History


Dunskii has work on a large variety of web development projects, from small one page brochure site, through to large web applications that integrate seamlessly with external systems, like Google Services, Android, iOS.  Through this experience he has created a set of processes to simplify integrating with a large number of web services and available API’s.


The Present

He is currently focusing on 2 project:

  1. Booking X – A booking platform, that will enable service based businesses to integrate with a large number of web systems, simplifying their interaction with customers. 
  2. Directory based platforms, allowing for easier exposure for businesses that are niche industries.
    1. Your Local Bazaar – A platform that enable you to know when local markets are on.
    2. Bootstrappers Office – A directory that enables you to see which cafes and bars are happy to be used as an office.
    3. Body Chi Me – An online marketplace that enables customers to search and book service from the health, fitness, hair and beauty, and wellness industries.


The Future


As A.I. services are rapidly improving and becoming available to the general public, in the forms of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. Dunskii is currently researching effective ways that business can leverage these emerging technologies.